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October 20, 2019

September 30, 2019

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November 12, 2019

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The Joy of Houseplants & Painted Planters.

September 3, 2019

Initially my interest in houseplants was predominantly to do with interiors and seeing them make spaces look so much more homely and interesting.  However; I soon got hooked on the benefits I have felt - I get a huge sense of personal achievement from nourishing and growing plants.  I love the slow pace that plant ownership encourages; you have to take time and care in looking after your plants.  Plants grow and thrive at varying degrees and in their own time; their maintenance is the antithesis of the fast pace of modern life. It's also a great way to reduced screen time 


I have found a thirst for knowledge around different plants and this has mainly been down to some plants not surviving. (Asparagus fern remains my plant nemesis - I love their wafty, dancing fronds but have yet had one survive in my home.)  Whilst I source some plant information and inspiration online, in the main I have used books to develop my knowledge.  Here are the three books that I have found are my 'go-to's' for keeping my plant babies looking peachy (I have linked to the cheapest retailer I could find at the time of publication of this blog):


1.  How not to kill your houseplant - Veronica Peerless, this is the most textbook like option, I particularly like the fact that there is a visual identification guide (sometimes plants are known by lots of different names so being able to identify by sight has proved invaluable).


2.  Living with plants - A guide to indoor gardening - Sophie Lee, I picked up this book from The Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield in May 2018, at that time Geo Fleur had a pop up in the cafe and it was a green feast for the eyes*.  This book has some awesome crafty DIY's for displaying your houseplants and was the inspiration behind our Painted Planter sessions.

*Geo Fleur is now House of Kojo.


3.  The Little Book of Houseplants and other greenery - Emma Silbey, this is a small (in size) book and is the book I take when I go plant shopping (yes, this is a thing!).  It is packed full of great info, it has a really simple to understand guide to propagation so is entirely to blame for the shear number of pilea's I now have!