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October 20, 2019

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October 16, 2018

We love crafting. We love happy post. So when we were gifted with a Craftiosity Craft Kit, we were naturally very excited to give it a go. We volunteered to review the box and if you read along with us, there is a little something in it for you too! 



We discovered this lovely creative business via the wonders of social media and we now tune into the lovely founder - Moira - on Instagram and on Facebook, where she also has a page supporting other creative businesses - The Creative Business Hub. She is positive, an enabler and shares her knowledge as well as crafting joy - surely a kindred spirit! She has started a Creative Adventure Tribe on Facebook for like-minded creative souls to connect even if they can't do this in person. This is very similar to the driver behind our Social nights bringing people together through creativity. Here's a little introduction from the woman herself


Craftiosity is a different take on the subscription box offering. You can buy boxes individually and choose your theme from a large range of lovely modern craft options. We love the flexibility of the scheme - you're not tied into a contract, you can miss a month if it doesn't take your fancy and cancel at any time. Looking over the back catalogue of kits, there is a great variety! We selected our box as we were drawn to the indigo fabric and bold geometric design of the Sashiko Stitch Table Mat Project. Sashiko is a Japanese embroidery form dating back to the 18th century.



Opening the box was a real delight! It was such a joy to delve into and had been thoughtfully put together with: the materials needed for the project, (all important) instructions, a beautiful themed welcome postcard containing a lovely introduction and some background to the origins of the craft and a Brucey-bonus of a cute themed greetings card.


The instructions cover all bases, which is great for different learning styles/ preferences - generally I learn best by watching a demo before giving things a go and can get lost if instructions are only based on lengthy descriptions. In this pack, there is a clear written step by step breakdown of what to do to tackle each stage of the project with pictures. There is also a link to an online video tutorial which can be be paused so you can keep up - which I found really helpful. Additionally, there is: a tips section, suggestion to how long the project may take (I did take longer than the estimations), signposting to how you can further experiment with the craft and a competition too. It was a lot of information to initially take in and I don't mind admitting that I was initially a little overwhelmed to start it. This actually turned out to be a good thing as pausing, planning and methodically approaching a project like this is exactly what makes partaking in crafts like this a mindful affair. 


Here are some progress shots of my creation. I especially loved chalking up the Asa no Ha pattern (normally I'm a bit of a free-styler so this made me feel very professional).  It was amazing to see how the pattern developed by approaching it in a deliberately staged way. I have completed 1 of the table- mats so need to get on and make the matching pair.