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Crafthood Baubles 2018

October 6, 2018

For those that have followed The Crafthood from our launch two years ago, you will know that each year we have a Christmas bauble release. The focus of our products is on high quality, hand crafted and unique items and we loved the idea that these ceramic baubles could be the ideal keepsake gift that comes out every year and has a special place reserved on the tree.  For those new to us, please let us tell you a little more about one of favourite seasonal products.


In 2016, just a few months after launch, we created our first bauble collection. These were each individually dip dyed in bright red, blue and golden yellow then personalised with brush lettering.  We will let you into a secret; we were completely bowled over by the response and it meant we had to desperately try and get more baubles from our stockist - no easy task in November!!  


 2017 was the year of the super luxe monogrammed bauble.  We first decorated with either gold or silver leaf (which is hugely enjoyable process btw) then brush lettered personalisations were added in silver or gold for a high end ball of loveliness.  


In 2018 we started thinking about baubles in August...yes, really!  


The initial stages of development involved considering themes and how we could make this years baubles different from the previous two offerings.


We talked about our recent inspirations and very quickly realised that we are both really drawn to nature.  The beach and woodlands are two places we can be found when we are in need of a creative kick or some time to reset.  When getting out and about is not an option, we both are big plant and flower lovers; the colours and visual loveliness of having fresh flowers in the house never fails to provide a mood boosting lift.  Earlier in the year we created an Everlasting Wreath and our love affair with adding pomegranate into floral creations began!


So, from initial ideas of 'Beach' and 'Flowers', we created two mood boards.  These boards are a perfect opportunity to get all of the ideas into a cohesive collection.  

 When thinking about coastal colours we were immediately drawn to all the blue hues.  No surprises in how much we love a dark inky blue - classic and chic - so Ultra Marine Blue was a must for the collection!  Between them, our Mini's have amounted a huge shell collection and we noticed how beautifully those with pinks tones looked against the shells with blue tones and so our final two colours were identified: Oyster Pink and Sea Spray Blue.  We were initially a little hesitant about a costal theme but following a look on Pinterest, we found the amazing mermaid adorned tree shown on our mood board - SOLD!




So, onto the next collection.  At any time of year we are drawn to flora but in Autumn and Winter the addition of berries and greenery really comes into it's own.  We knew we wanted a green in the collection but were mindful of the tone of green - whilst a pine green would look amazing, we worried they would be lost on most trees.  Sage green tones really sing to us and they look amazing tinged in frost, so Frosted Green was chosen. We knew the colour would be a great background against the jewel like tones of reds and pinks. As already mentioned, we have a random slight obsession with pomegranates... there's just something about the deep red of both their skin and seeds, so Pomegranate Red was in.  Finally, the plumy/pinky hues of our final choice were influenced as much by our blackberry foraging walks as flowers we have been most drawn to  - Berry Burst.  



Each of our baubles are handpainted; we can then brush letter your chosen personalisation in either gold, silver or white.  They are finished with a twine tie (keeping with the natural theme) and presented in a gift box and tissue paper. We think they make a gorgeous heirloom gift.  Our stocks as always are limited and if you'd like to get your hands on one of these globes of joy then please do follow the link.


We would love to know your thoughts on our collections; which one is your favourite?



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