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Meet the 'All Round Creative Junkie': Cheryl Lumley

August 19, 2018

If you come along to Crafthood Socials you may have noticed that we have trialled having Guest creatives lead the activities.  In June we had the wonderful Hoes & Ditches run a mini terrarium activity and this month we have the mega talented Cheryl Lumley aka the All round creative junkie


For those that don't know Cheryl, she is an total creative soul and an enabler, which is probably what drew us to her in the first place.  We share many of the same values about creativity being for everyone and enabling and encouraging people to get the all important feel good factor from crafting.  


Cheryl runs upcycling workshops at various venues and events in the North East and beyond. She has a successful blog that is well worth a read, not just for upcycling how-to's but also for Cheryl's honest and open approach to sharing a little more of herself in the lifestyle section of her blog.  If you are after some visual inspo then have a peek at Cheryl's Instagram feed.  Check out this teaser gallery for a flavour of what Cheryl does.


 At the Crafthood Social on Wednesday 28th August, we will be at the lovely Arch 2 Brewhouse and Kitchen.  Cheryl will be leading the mini activity which will be these unique and personal upcycled picture hangings. Eco chic upcycling is here!



All the materials you need will be provided to create your own hanging ready to display your snaps. If you'd like to join in the fun then grab your spot here.


We asked Cheryl a few questions so you could get to know her a little before the event.


Where does the magic happen?

I'm a bit of a nomad really. I have a small workshop shed in my garden where I create things for blog posts, and prepare items for workshops, and a home office where I write all of my blog posts. However, when I'm running workshops I can literally work anywhere! I work in collaboration with larger companies who tend to have the space for me to work. I work with organisations like English Heritage, IKEA, The Festival of Thrift and The Biscuit Factory, so it could be in an art gallery, a stately home, in a field at a festival, a school or a cafe, and all of my workshops adapt to the surroundings really. Scale isn't an issue for me either, I've upcycled anything from small cups up to aeroplane cockpits!


Why do you do what you do?

My blog and my workshops are all about inspiring people to be creative. I strongly believe we're all creative inside and most of us just forget once we leave primary school. We're not all good at everything creative though, I spend my life being creative but I can't knit or draw, but it's about finding out which things you love to do or are good at. 


Doing something creative is good for your soul, your wellbeing and your confidence. People on my workshops all say at the end they didn't think about the housework or their jobs once and all leave having achieved something they didn't think they could.  I love seeing people concentrate and all coming up with something completely different. I challenge people to use their own ideas at my workshops rather than a set idea. I also find I learn something new each time too. 


Both my blog and workshops feature upcycling heavily, I think everything we own can and should be reused, we need to take responsibility for our planet and if we can combine creative thinking with sustainability then that can only be a good thing. Inspiring people to get creative with second-hand pieces and use materials differently is what drives me really.


How do you recharge as a creative?

It's hard to switch off as a creative, I find inspiration everywhere and all the time. If I'm not officially working, I'm taking photographs for future projects or colour inspiration. So when some people turn to something crafty on an evening to help them unwind, I find it really hard. I've recently started running again which helps, but aside from that the only time I switch off completely is either on a spa day (not often enough), reading a book or a trip to the cinema. The only time I can truly guarantee I won't look at my phone to check my work social media accounts is when I'm at the cinema. It's a costly way to switch off!


Who would be your celebrity endorsement?

I'd love Lauren Laverne or Jo Whiley to come along to one of my workshops with or without their kids then give me a shout out on their instagram accounts. They both just seem to have really calm and creative family lives and I'm sure they'd love upcycling! 


So, as you can tell Cheryl is a good 'un and we cannot wait for her to join us, and you too; it's set to be a lush evening.

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