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Marvellous Makes for Christmas

November 10, 2017


We love a make! Christmas is a great excuse to get your craft on and turn up the hygge dial whilst creating. It also means that your end result can either be displayed, worn or gifted in all it's unique and custom glory. Double the warm glow!! Here are our top 5 makes in enough time for you to get them finished for this festive season. 


1. Cosy Knits

Knitting feels good! A whole host of celebrities have shared their love for the craft - from Kristen Stewart to SJP to Ryan Gosling! It helped me keep (relatively) calm during my second pregnancy and meant I created my first ever baby blanket that was donated to charity. I'm certainly not the most talented knitter but it is surprising how far the most basic skills can take you. Many a scarf has since been created for friends using a free pattern on the wool's cuff. You can buy some fab 'all in' kits by the likes of Wool and the Gang, which gives you everything you need to make a whole host of cool projects (or give as a gift) - the pom pom hat pictured below is one of their beginner kits. Why stick to traditional methods either? The snood also pictured below was made with merino yarn and was knitted without needles just using my arms. P.S. If you really like it but don't want to make it yourself, there are a few left in our store following this link. Interested to see more knitted inspiration? Here's our Pinterest board: Knitting Rocks.



2. Lettered Lovelies

Hand lettering holds a very special part of both mine & Kay's heart, so it probably won't come as a big surprise to see us championing the merits of learning this skill. Once you have the basics under your belt [from one of our workshops], all it takes is practise before you are hooked and wanting to brush on every surface possible. Make bespoke wall art pieces with your favourite festive quote or design your own Christmas cards. Don't want to learn how to do it yourself but love the look? Why not commission us to complete the piece for you by contacting us here or you could always treat a loved one to a workshop..... the gift that keeps giving as they are sure then to help you out with the odd request right?!



3. Bespoke Baubles 

 We have a family tradition of adding a new bauble to our tree each year.... it works out well as at least one gets broken when you have two excited children helping to decorate. At Team Crafthood, designing our bauble range is such a fun part of preparations for the season - we are excited to share our latest addition very soon! For 2017, we wanted to spread the joy further by featuring bauble painting at a few of our socials and pop ups in November & December. It is so enjoyable and the best way to ensure you get the colour and design you want is often to just DIY!



4. The Glow of Candle Making 

We love having scented candles in our homes! It's such a great way to create an instant cosy feel in winter. Making this luxury more affordable was one of the main reasons that we initially learned how to make them ourselves. We love to share what we have learned about the process at our workshops and this season have also been touring some local Women's Institute groups with a smaller taster session. We will be offering a taster at the upcoming Night Market we are helping to organise with the wonderful Thought Foundation if you wanted to come along? The other great part about candle making is how it can satisfy the eco-need within..... the charity shops are a great source of vintage glass at this time of year that top any mass produced candle that can be found on the high street. We really enjoyed sourcing and making some special custom orders for clients last Christmas. The last fab reason for making your own is finding the fragrance that you love and want to share. We have sourced a new blend to launch this winter (Blend 3 to add to our range), which is so good that it could perhaps combat any winter blues... fitting then that it can be bought in our amber apothecary style jars.



5. Sensational Scrubs

Maybe you don't really consider yourself that artistic but still very much like to 'make'? Scrubs are a great gift that can be made quickly in large batches and gifted to friends at a really affordable price. Another eco-conscious option and great way to reuse & recycle glass jars from your home. You can beautify them in many ways - we are great believers that handmade doesn't have to be second best. Last Christmas, we visited Changing Lives for our first ever gifted workshop - guests from the women's services chose to make candy cane sugar scrub and loved it - the featured photo is an excellent example of their work!  Want to give it a go yourself? Here is a link to a recipe we used.



Enjoying yourself? Why stop there? If your goodies are destined for a loved one, a great way to finish off your gift is to design your own wrapping too!  Here's a link to our Pinterest board Christmas Wrapped for some ideas to start you off. 


So here's to gifts that are made with love and are truly one of a kind! Let us know what your favourite makes are for Christmas, we'd love to hear!

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