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October 20, 2019

September 30, 2019

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November 12, 2019

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Hawaii 5-Oh!

June 30, 2017

 Beautiful Hawaii - one of two inspiring destinations we chose to influence our summer collection. Here's a little about my connection to the Islands and how it has influenced us this summer.


Sea, sand, surf and bodacious botanicals - everything that epitomises summer. Hawaii had long since been on my dream destination list, probably having watched too much Magnum PI as a kid! So when my fiancé and I were planning our perfect honeymoon, we both threw ideas into the hat and agreed that this was a must if at all possible.... and as they say 'where there's a will, there's a way'. Needless to say that when we [eventually] got there - who knew it was quite as far as 7, 057miles??- it didn't disappoint!  It was a place full of opportunities to see, smell and experience life differently. It provided such rich memories that have stayed with me after many years. It wasn't the best start when my brand new husband lost his wedding ring whilst surfing but there was too much to distract us with to let that dampen our stay! We made it to two of the Islands that make up the group collectively known as Hawaii; we were based on Oahu and also visited beautiful Kauai, known as 'The Garden Isle' (for reasons you can guess). The island of Hawaii had a very active volcano at the time (and I think it still is) so we gave that a wide birth and were awestruck from a safe distance. We are real movie buffs, so one stand out activity and fun way to get around was a film set tour of the island, which took in all the famous small & silver screen scenes, such as Jurassic Park & 'From Here to Eternity'. - cliched I know but they are all much better in real life! We were privileged to see some pretty amazing feats of diving at Wiamea Falls in the middle of a national park and botanical gardens. It's 'America' but not .... a different heritage, different culture & traditions, language and alphabet even. A place of such diversity that there really is something for everyone and you can't help but be struck by the whole Aloha spirit , very much alive and present.

When considering additions to The Crafthood's collection, Kay and I share experiences & ideas and the discussion bounces around a while often evolving. We both have huge appreciation for Pinterest... it really is such a great way to bring ideas one step closer to something actually tangible. Here is the link to our board Aloha - Hawaii . The potential to add to our range with all this inspiration was vast and we had to really take our time to decide which would be the stand out products to concentrate on that couldn't already be found on the high street who have also gone a little Hawaii obsessed! 


First on our list was to add to our candle fragrance range - perhaps not surprisingly given all our talk of the flora and fauna. Following some market research, we are also adding a larger 180ml sized jar and wax melt option to our current 'travel size' 120 ml candle option. Did you know we also offer a refill service on our candles, currently running in-store via Thought Foundation?


Testing of new candle blends is really important and during this period there were 2 stand out scents for us that we just couldn't decide between so we are bringing you both!