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Co No: 11988590

The ultimate metallic watercolour ideal for lettering and can be used with brush or nib. We now stock a selection of our favourite finetec palette's giving you choice and value.  They are suitable for most absorbent surfaces including paper and wood. Perfect to use on dark paper, they are ideally suited for calligraphy and brush lettering.

To apply to a nib, simply mix up the colour enough water to make the consistency of single cream, then using a brush paint on to the underside of the nib.  Once finished just leave your palette to air dry.


We have two options for these palette's, each containing 6 full size pans of colour:


Finetec Gold & Silver Palette contains - Tibet Gold, Inca Gold, Arabic Gold, Gold Pearl, Moon Gold & Sterling Silver


Finetec Pearl Silk Palette contains - Bronze, Mint, Moon Gold, Rose Gold, Silver Grey & Silver Pearl.


FINETEC Pearlcolors are 

  • light-fast and pigment-rich
  • handmade in Germany
  • made out of Mica-Pigments and gum arabic
  • free of animal ingredients
  • ASTM certified and CE-conform



Coliro Finetec Palette